Neck lift benefits

Plasma Pen fibroblasting neck lifts are tightening procedures that work to reduce the laxity of the skin in the neck. Plasma Pen non-surgical neck lifts can tighten and lift the skin of the neck to turn back the hands of time for your clients, without the risks, downtime and cost of invasive surgery.

  • Reduce the laxity of the skin on the neck area to engage under-jaw definition.
  • This innovative fibroblasting treatment works to reduce the appearance of neck bands.
  • Plasma Pen neck lifts treat the appearance of age spots on the neck and lower jaw.
  • This treatment works to improve overall skin texture including the reduction of skin tags.
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Before & after

A Plasma Pen neck lift delivers incredible results by evening out skin tone and creating greater definition to the neck and jaw. It is ideal for clients seeking an effective and natural-looking neck lift without surgery.

Plasma Pen neck lift treatments work to reduce the laxity of the skin on the neck and reduce the appearance of neck bands. See our before and after photos to see why Plasma Pen neck lifts are considered one of the best non-surgical neck lift treatments available today.

Recovery time

Plasma Pen neck lifts are generally very safe procedures that have minimal downtime with very few risks. For the first 24 hours, the skin will be visibly swollen as carbon crusts start to develop. Between the first and second week, the carbon crusts will start to flake away. 

Over the next two to 12 weeks, the skin will be completely remodelled. Type 3 collagen is converted to Type 1 collagen, which is otherwise classed as ‘baby’ collagen. This works to completely resurface and remodel the skin.

Plasma pen neck lift results

Lower Face Lift

Plasma Pen lower face lifts are designed to reduce the laxity of the lower face to eradicate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments target the appearance of accordion lines and nasolabial lines, whilst resurfacing the skin and the complexion.

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Plasma pen 3 step progressive facial before and after

3-Step Progressive Facial

The 3-Step Progressive Facial works to tighten, brighten and resurface the skin with our innovative soft-surgery technique. This facial treatment is split over three separate appointments to ensure maximum skin tightening in the shortest possible amount of time.

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