3-Step Progressive Facial benefits

The Plasma Pen 3-Step Progressive Facial works to tighten, brighten and resurface the skin through our innovative fibroblasting technology. This skin tightening facial treatment resurfaces the skin for up to three years and requires three separate treatments for the most impressive results.

  • The Plasma Pen 3-Step Progressive Facial works to tighten the overall face and neck. 
  • Reduces skin laxity across the whole face and neck after three treatments.
  • Creates an enhanced and even skin tone that eradicates rosacea and other pigmentation issues.
  • This face lifting treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of sun-damaged skin.
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Before & after

Our innovative Plasma Pen 3-Step Progressive Facial enables you to achieve optimal skin tightening and skin resurfacing in the shortest possible amount of time. This face lifting treatment will have your clients looking their best in next to no time!

The Plasma Pen 3-Step Progressive Facial delivers incredible results for up to three years. Go through our before and after images to find out more about the impressive results you can achieve with this tried and trusted anti-ageing facial treatment.

Recovery time

The downtime and recovery period following a Plasma Pen 3-Step Progressive Facial is significantly less than with an invasive surgical procedure. Whilst surgery can take around six months to recover from, our skin tightening treatment provides the same results with significantly less downtime. 

We recommend that clients receive the Plasma Pen 3-Step Progressive Facial every 12 weeks to allow the skin to fully recover. This gives the skin a chance to develop fresh, bright and tight new skin.

Plasma pen lower face lift treatment results

Lower Face Lift

The Plasma Pen Lower Face Lift is designed to reduce the laxity of the lower face to eradicate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment targets the appearance of accordion lines and nasolabial lines, whilst resurfacing the skin and the complexion.

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Hyapenpro before and after lip augmentation


HyaPenPro delivers hyaluronic acid dermal fillers using air pressure without piercing the skin. This means no pain, no downtime and no risk. The HyaPenPro device delivers dermal lip fillers in 0.01 ml actuations for precise and accurate lip fillers.

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