Face-to-face training

Delivered by our Plasma Pen Master Trainers who are true experts in their field, our face-to-face Plasma Pen training is delivered through our exclusive Plasma Pen Elite (Level 3) training course and our Plasma Pen Advanced (Level 4) training course.

When you book onto our comprehensive face-to-face training course you will study at one of our exclusive Plasma Academies with the very best device on the market. We offer one of the highest standards of aesthetic training available worldwide.

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What does Plasma Pen training include?

All of our Plasma Pen training is fully accredited by the OCN and allows you to claim 40 CPD hours and 4 CPD points. You will complete a full and comprehensive training programme that will leave you with the confidence and skills to start delivering Plasma Pen treatments to your clients straight away.

The first part of the training includes an overview of the human anatomy and physiology, before moving on to cover Plasma Pen treatments in finer detail. Once you have completed this part of the training you will observe one of our Master Trainers delivering a Plasma Pen treatment to a client, before practising the treatment delivery yourself with our Master Trainer on hand to help and guide you.

Do you have a question about training?

Learn how you can revolutionise your business and revenue streams with Plasma Pen. Get in touch with the team at Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International today. Our expert team is on hand to assist you with any questions you may have. We are excited for you to join our team of Plasma Pen experts after your exclusive fibroblast training.

    Why train with Louise Walsh International?

    When you purchase a Plasma Pen Classic, Ultra or Platinum device, we don’t just simply hand you our innovative plasma device. We train you to deliver incredible skin rejuvenation techniques to eradicate the signs of ageing and wrinkles. Our Masterclass training is one of the most comprehensive and beneficial aesthetic training programmes available on the market today.

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    When you undertake Plasma Pen training with Louise Walsh International, our Master Trainers will cover every aspect of the Plasma Pen, from the revolutionary technology that underpins the world’s number one plasma device to the detailed anatomy of the skin. Plasma Pen training by Louise Walsh International delivers continued support from our Master Trainers, as well as a wealth of marketing materials and treatment factsheets that can be used within your clinic or studio.

    Face-to-face training process

    Our face-to-face Plasma Pen training consists of four key parts. Once you have completed each of these vital stages you will be fully certified. This means you can start delivering innovative Plasma Pen treatments to your clients to dramatically increase your income!

    Step 1

    You will study the comprehensive pre-training programme, including our Anatomy and Physiology course.

    Step 2

    On the training day, you will study the theory behind Plasma Pen fibroblasting before moving onto the practical training.

    Step 3

    The Master Trainer will demonstrate the Plasma Pen technique and you will be given a chance to work on practice materials.

    Step 4

    You will be given an opportunity to administer the treatment to a model whilst being observed by the Master Trainer.

    The Benefits

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    Train in just one day

    With our one day course

    Learn from the experts

    Train with our Master Trainers

    Learn at our prestigious academy

    Train in a luxurious setting

    The Plasma Pen package

    When you purchase a Plasma Pen device from us, you are purchasing a business in a box for lucrative, repeat revenue streams.

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    Choose the Plasma Pen device that best suits you and your business.


    Select the training that best suits your existing skill set and learning goals.


    Choose your Plasma Pen device and training package to start earning a rapid ROI.

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    How it works

    Face-to-face training

    Book your Plasma Pen training at one of our Plasma Academies worldwide and train with one of our talented Master Trainers. When you sign up to study the Plasma Pen technique with Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International you receive comprehensive face-to-face training that leaves you with the confidence to launch your Plasma Pen business straight away.

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    How it works

    Online training

    Sign up for online Plasma Pen training with our expert Plasma Pen Master Trainers and learn from anywhere in the world! You will receive our comprehensive aesthetics training course with online modules and the opportunity to schedule a Zoom call with one of Master Trainers to practice the Plasma Pen technique.

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