Plasma pen Salon Owner

We’ve doubled our earnings with Plasma Pen

Zoe owns a very successful and busy beauty salon and spa in Virginia, USA. Her business has grown and flourished over the years, but with new competition opening in the area Zoe wanted to find a new way to differentiate his business from the others. 

After researching the options available to her, as well as all the other nitrogen plasma devices on the market, Zoe chose Plasma Pen. By adding Plasma Pen treatments to the Salon’s treatment portfolio, she was able to double the Salon’s takings.

Plasma Pen Benefits

Increased portfolio

Zoe's spa already offered lots of expert skin treatments, but by adding Plasma Pen fibroblasting treatments to his portfolio he benefited from lots of new repeat clients!

Return on Investment

Across the team, Zoe was able to earn a full return on his investment in just six weeks. This covered the cost of five pens and five training courses!

Easy payments

Being able to use the simple and straightforward payment options offered by Plasma Pen, Zoe was able to invest in his business without tying up his cash flow.

Plasma Pen training

Are you interested in training to be a Plasma Pen Technician? Find out more about our exclusive live stream training, face-to-face training delivered at a Plasma Academy, or the pop-up Masterclass training we offer to start your Plasma Pen journey with us today.

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Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is the world’s number one nitrogen plasma device. It is designed to deliver non-invasive, soft-surgery fibroblasting treatments with almost no downtime. Learn more about our range of devices to pick your perfect Plasma Pen.

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