Plasma Pen Aesthetician with client

Plasma Pen offers better results and less downtime

Leigh, an aesthetician from London, England has been working as an aesthetician and beautician for over 10 years. She wanted to add additional treatments to her treatment portfolio that would boost her earning potential. 

Louise has had her own treatment room in a spa for the last five years, specialising in facials and skin treatments. By adding Plasma Pen treatments to her portfolio, she was able to double her income every single month.

Plasma Pen benefits

Increased portfolio

Louise had been offering skin treatment procedures for over 10 years, but she was delighted to be able to offer fibroblasting treatments for long-term results.

Return on Investment

Louise was able to increase her revenue flow by at least double by adding a range of Plasma Pen skin resurfacing treatments to her portfolio.

Easy payments

The flexible finance packages offered by Plasma Pen meant that Louise could offer treatments to her clients right away and quickly increase her earning potential.

Plasma Pen Training

Are you interested in training to be a Plasma Pen Technician? Find out more about our exclusive live stream training, face-to-face training delivered at a Plasma Academy, or the pop-up Masterclass training we offer to start your Plasma Pen journey with us today.

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Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is the world’s number one nitrogen plasma device. It is designed to deliver non-invasive, soft-surgery fibroblasting treatments with almost no downtime. Learn more about our range of devices to pick your perfect Plasma Pen.

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