Why invest in Plasma Pen?

By adding Plasma Pen to your treatment portfolio you can quickly supercharge your earnings. Many of our team of expert Plasma Pen Technicians earn a full return on their investment in less than six weeks due to the low cost per treatment.

Plasma pen technician preparing for plasma teartment
Plasma pen eye lift treatment

With Plasma Pen treatment prices ranging from £250 right the way up to £2,500, and the average treatment costing as little as £25 to administer, Plasma Pen gives you a guaranteed route to lucrative revenue streams.

How much could I earn?


Per Treatment

Plasma Pen Upper & Lower Eyelid


Per Treatment

3-Step Progressive Facelift


Per Treatment

Plasma Pen Neck Lift


Per Treatment

Plasma Pen Spray Facial


Per Treatment

Plasma Lower Face Lift


Per Treatment

Plasma Poration Facial

Expand your treatment portfolio

With the different levels of training, devices and treatment specialisms, it’s easy to see why so many aestheticians, beauticians, spa professionals and medical professionals want to add Plasma Pen to their treatment portfolio. Many of our Plasma Pen Technicians double their average income in their first year with Plasma Pen.

Plasma pen lower eye lift treatment

Perks of Plasma Pen


Plasma Pen device of your choice


An OCN accredited training course

Ongoing Support

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Success story


By adding Plasma Pen to her treatment portfolio, aesthetician Louise was able to double her earnings every single month! She has multiple repeat clients and loves the Plasma Spray Facial which costs just £25 to administer but brings in £250 of revenue.

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