PlasmaPen™ Foundation & Advanced Training Package (without device)


Our internationally recognized Foundation & Advanced course covers all key techniques required for skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments along with further advanced techniques for more niche treatments such as scar and stretch mark revision, skin tag, mole and lesion removal, pigmentation correction, advanced resurfacing, rejuvenation and much more.

This face to face, live, two day course is for those who want to take advantage of our world-class training program and are welcome to bring along their own device or we can provide a loan device if they are not quite ready to purchase. The higher cost of this course will be offset against any future purchase of one of our devices.

Join the PlasmaPen family today and become a fibroblast expert.

What is included?
• 45 Hours of Online Study
• In-person Practical training
• Anatomy & Physiology Course at no extra cost.
• Lifetime access to our training portal and marketing material
• On-demand support from the dedicated PlasmaPen Customer Success Team
• High-quality, printed training manual
• Prestigious, fully accredited certification with OCN backed Level 3 Accreditation

See below for a Full Course Breakdown.



All training includes significant pre-course training content and assessment ahead of the course and then, on the day, the physical training includes intensive academic, sandbox and practical training with all models, products and student needs fully catered for from one-to-one focused interactions to lunch/refreshments and beyond. You will be taken on a very structured journey through the skin, the science and technology of plasma, step-by-steps on all the primary treatments and techniques, pre and post treatment protocols, risks, marketing and much, much more.

Course Breakdown
Anatomy & Physiology Course covering The Skin, Wound Healing, Skin Types, The Lips and Face, Hair, The Lymphatic System, The Endocrine System, The Circulatory System, The Ageing Process, Skin Disorders & Diseases.

Foundation Training– 7 Modules, 15 Lessons, 61 Topics and 13 Assessments
Module 1) The Theory, Science & Technology behind Plasma Pen – 1 Lesson
Module 2) Treatment, Techniques and Delivery – 5 Lessons – 30 Topics – 5 Assessments
Module 3) Treatment Protocol – 3 Lessons – 17 Topics – 3 Assessments
Module 4) Marketing and Resources – 3 Lessons – 10 Topics – 3 Assessments
Module 5) Video Resources – 1 Lesson – 4 Topics – 1 Assessments
Module 6) Practical Training – 1 Lesson
Module 7) Practical Assignments – 1 Lesson – 1 Assessment

Advanced Training– 6 Modules, 13 Lessons, 64 Topics and 12 Assessments
Module 1) Skin Types and Techniques – 2 Lessons – 7 Topics – 2 Assessments
Module 2) Treatments & Results – 5 Lessons – 37 Topics – 5 Assessments
Module 3) Contraindications & Pre-treatment Protocol – 3 Lessons – 16 Topics – 3 Assessments
Module 4) Video Resources– 1 Lessons – 4 Topics – 1 Assessments
Module 5) Practical Training – 1 Lesson
Module 6) Practical Assignments – 1 Lesson – 1 Assessment


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