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Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 3


For use with the Plasma Pen fractional and permeating tips using your Plasma Pen device on its highest setting, our Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum No 3 may be used in conjunction with TDS Serum 2 to promote further collagen production and prevent hyperpigmentation. Can be used all over the face, neck and decollete areas.

Ingredients: Pyruvic acid, Silicium, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc

These active substances, combined with the electroporation delivery method, works to disrupt the skin’s intercellular matrix, to allow the serum to be absorbed deep into the skin for skin brightening, contouring and resurfacing – without the need for traditional injections!

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 3 can be used in conjunction with Transdermal Serum 2 to promote further collagen production and prevent hyperpigmentation across the face and neck. This treatment can be used across the whole face and neck area.

• Brand new pharmaceutical grade serum from Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International
• Works to strengthen the extracellular matrix of the skin
• Promotes the production of collagen
• Brightens and evens the skin tone, whilst working to combat oily areas
• Treats the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines
• Works to reduce the appearance of scar tissue
• With Ferulic Acid for skin brightening
• Perfect for use on oily/acne skin types

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What are the Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums?
Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums are delivered via electroporation. This is an electromagnetic pulse that disrupts the skin’s intercellular matrix to allow therapeutic serums to be absorbed into the skin without the need to invasive surgery. Our Transdermal Serums can be administered to your Plasma Pen clients pre-or-post fibroblasting treatment, with the Plasma Pen device.

Each Transdermal Serum contains active substances such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Antioxidants and epidermal growth factors to penetrate the skin with our innovative fractional and permeating tips.
How does Plasma electroporation work?
Electroporation creates short, small electrical pulses directly to the skin which creates temporary aqueous channels in the membranes of the skin to increase the permeability of skin cells to water-soluble molecules. This allows the Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum to be fully absorbed into the skin, without the need for needles.
What are the benefits of Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums?

• Enhanced penetration of active ingredients leads to brighter and more refreshed skin
• No downtime
• Reduction of hyperpigmentation
• Stimulates production of the fibroblasts
• No topical anaesthetic required
• Non-invasive, without the need for needles

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 3
The Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 3 provides intense dermal revitalisation for incredible skin-tightening and skin-resurfacing results. Transdermal Serum 3 promotes the synthesis of tropocollagen to stimulate the metabolic activity of the extracellular matrix which works to promote skin tightening, skin brightening and skin-resurfacing properties.

Packed with pyruvic acid, silicium, hyaluronic acid and zinc this Transdermal Serum 3 promotes the production of collagen. Pyruvic acid is especially well suited to oily skin, which makes this treatment perfect for clients who suffer from acne. Due to being anti-microbial in nature, it is very effective at treating inflammatory acne, acne scars, photo-damage and pigment disorders. Pyruvic acid has a moderate peeling effect, which works to effectively treat spot-prone skin.

Ferulic acid is a natural antioxidant that effectively lightens skin-pigment for skin-brightening, whilst the inclusion of Zinc works to repair tissue and protect the fibroblast during the healing process.


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