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Plasma Pen Fractional Permeating Tips Bundle


Exclusive package containing our re-usable fractional tip and our permeating tip, 50ml Galvanic Ultrasound Transmission Gel, 30ml luxury Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel and LWI Transdermal Serum Number 4

• Pack of 2 (fractional tip and permeating tip)
• Multi-use, medical grade stainless steel
• Can be autoclaved
• 50ml Plasma Pen Conductor Gel
• 30ml Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel
• LWI Transdermal Serum Number Four
• Proven to deliver the fastest recovery, shortest downtimes and most optimal results
• Compatible with all of our Plasma Pen devices

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This special bundle is for our Plasma Pen fractional and permeating tips which are specifically designed for advanced rejuventation, bio-revitalization and cosmeceutical delivery via plasmaporation. These two specialist tips are precision made from medical grade stainless steel, are unique to our device and screw-in. They are reusable and designed to be autoclaved/sterilised after each use.

This exclusive package not only contains your two re-usable and specialists tips (a fractional tip and a permeating tip) but comes with our LWI No Four Transdermal Serum. Plasma Pen 50ml Conductor Gel and a 30ml Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel.


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