PlasmaPen Devices

Our Three Pens are Designed For All Levels of Beauty Professionals For Instant, Visible, and Long Lasting Results

PlasmaPen Classic

from £3250

Our original device, designed for all beauty, aesthetics, and spa professionals. The PlasmaPen Classic delivers non-invasive fibroblast skin treatments. You’ll witness next-generation skin lifting, tightening, rejuvenation, revitalization, resurfacing, and regeneration.

Sleek & Durable Black-Brushed Aluminum Design

Ergonomic and optimally balanced device. It offers unparalleled accuracy and consistent delivery of plasma energy.

Precision Pulse Operation With On-demand, Fingertip Control

Feel like you’re always in the driver’s seat with fingertip controlled adjustable settings and precision pulse operation. Allows clinicians to work quickly and efficiently, with complete control and predictability.

Advanced Training to Ensure Comfortability

The PlasmaPen™ Classic should be purchased with our Foundation training. Our specialist Foundation training is fully accredited and recognized around the globe. Additionally, we offer Advanced training for more niche treatments.,

Superior German Engineering

The PlasmaPen™ Classic is CE certified and TGA approved. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this device is your new go-to for a non-invasive aesthetic treatment, fibroblasting sublimation treatments, and non-surgical blepharoplasty.

  • Precision manufactured in Germany to VDE standards
  • Mains AC powered device
  • CE Certified and TGA approved
  • Finance, lease, and trade-in options are available
  • Purchasable with Foundation Training

PlasmaPen Ultra

from £4000

PlasmaPen Ultra is geared towards experienced medical aesthetics professionals. It is suitable for all primary treatments, as well as more advanced treatments such as scar revision, skin tag removal, pigmentation correction, and advanced resurfacing procedures.

This device uses two power settings that offer varied intensities with efficient and effective results – allowing experienced technicians to work with precision and speed.

Easy Interface Designed to Feel at Home in Your Hand

Featuring a striking black-brushed aluminium body, the PlasmaPen™ Ultra is designed to offer you complete control.

This device is available in two color options, with a light-up LED display for lightning quick adjustments.

Work Quickly and Efficiently With Fingertip Control

Easily adjustable settings and precision pulse operation with on-demand, fingertip control.

Variable Intensity Levels for More Capabilities

Two power settings offer different plasma intensities. Deliver faster spray shading and pointillism with rapid coverage, all while working at a much faster pace.

Aesthetician Designed, German-Engineered

The PlasmaPen Ultra is CE certified and TGA approved. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this device is ideal for non-invasive aesthetic treatments, fibroblasting treatments, and non-surgical blepharoplasty.

  • CE certified and TGA approved
  • Precision manufactured in Germany to VDE standards
  • Finance, lease, & trade-in options available
  • Mains AC powered device

PlasmaPen Platinum

from £6500

The PlasmaPen™ Platinum is the most advanced plasma fibroblasting device we offer. This device delivers consistent plasma energy on five different intensity settings, making it suitable for a wide range of treatments. It’s the recommended pen for dermatologists, highly experienced aestheticians, and other certified medical practitioners.

Expertly crafted technology with sleek aluminium design

Brushed aluminium body for a sophisticated look. This ergonomic design is available in two color options, with a light-up LED display for quick adjustments.

Give Clients & Patients Precisely What They Need

Dynamic control and delivery of continuous plasma flow make for excellent results. The PlasmaPen™ Platinum features five adjustable power settings, empowering aestheticians to use a range of intensities for treatments both delicate and robust. Enables effortless spray shading, significant ablative properties, and dramatically expedited facial & body coverage.

Finance, Upgrade and Trade-in Options Available

If you have an existing plasma device to trade-in, LWI would be happy to provide a generous quote for the device that you may be able to redeem against your purchase. Financing options are available as well.

Safe, Effective, and Predictable Delivery of Plasma

Aesthetician-designed and German-engineered, the five adjustable power settings produce a predictable delivery of plasma energy. This results in efficient and effective usage. All with the precision and reliability that LWI’s PlasmaPens™ are famed for.

  • CE-certified and TGA-approved
  • Versatile device with five intensity settings and continuous energy flow
  • Financing options available
  • Foundation training included
  • Precision manufactured in Germany to VDE standards


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