How many layers of skin do humans have?

Exactly how many layers of skin do humans have? Well, human skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. These three layers of skin each have their own separate functions and make up the human body’s largest organ. Let’s take a look...
Are Plasma Pens Safe?

Are Plasma Pens Safe?

Yes, certified, German-made Plasma Pens, ergonomically designed with Plasma Pen tech, are completely safe to use, providing procedures are administered by a trained professional. So, why the concern? A sleek, handheld device, that reduces the signs of aging, all at...

Ask the Trainers – Why I chose PlasmaPen™

Following the huge success of our first ‘Ask the Trainers’ posts, we wanted to ask our International Head of Training, Julie Newman-Seunarayan, just why she chose PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International. Read on to find out more about why Julie decided to invest in...

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