On 9th November 2020, here at Plasma Pen, we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new serums range – Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums. We’ve designed our brand new serums with you in mind. If you’re looking for a fantastic range of serums for your facial and body areas that will transform your client’s skin and help you to expand your service offerings, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about Plasma Pen’s brand new Transdermal Serums range.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums

Here at Plasma Pen, caring for your skin and creating exceptional results has always been our top priority. This is why we have introduced our brand new range of transdermal serums! Specially formulated to benefit your skin in numerous ways, we have introduced seven new revolutionary Transdermal Serums to the Plasma Pen store. These serums can be used with your Plasma Pen fractional and permeating tips to administer a transdermal serum facial through a process called plasmaporation.

Each of our Transdermal Serums has its own unique properties, we are going to explain about the benefits each one has to offer and find out why they are the best facial serums in the UK, and everywhere else!

Seven Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums

Each Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum can treat different areas of the skin. If you have clients who complain about cellulite, stretch marks and other problems, then you’ll be delighted to know that Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums can treat all these areas.

Here are the seven new Transdermal Serums from Plasma Pen:

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 1

Our Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 1 is a face contouring treatment that is proven to visibly reduce the appearance of a double chin and redefine the face shape. If you want those chiselled cheekbones, Serum 1 can help you achieve this.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 2

Transdermal Serum 2 stimulates the production of type 111 collagen to restore the skin’s connective tissue and firm the skin. This serum is perfect if you would like your skin looking silky smooth and plumped.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 3

Our Serum 3 is designed to strengthen the skin’s extracellular matrix by working to brighten and even the skin tone. Transdermal Serum 3 also works to reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. Perfect for acne or scarring skin, Serum 3 can make a great serum facial.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 4

Transdermal Serum 4 works to strengthen the elastic fibres of the skin to prevent facial and body skin sagging. Serum 4 makes the perfect serum facial, especially if you would like to eradicate any signs of ageing.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 5

Our Serum 5 works to visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by promoting the synthesis of tropocollagen. After Serum 5 facial serum your skin will feel rejuvenated and smooth.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 6

Transdermal Serum 6 works to dissolve fat on the body to improve body contouring and sculpting across the abdomen, thighs, and other problem areas. Here at Plasma Pen, we know it is sometimes difficult to firm and tone up so Serum 6 can help with just that.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 7

Transdermal Serum 7 is a maintenance product following a fat-dissolving treatment to contour and sculpt areas of the face and body for definition.

Why our Transdermal Serums are the best facial serums in the UK

All of our seven serums have been uniquely designed to target individual areas of the face and body. Working to strengthen the extracellular matrix of the skin and aid in the production of collagen, our facial serums are the best pharmaceutical grade serums on the market.

How do our Transdermal Serums work?

As a facial serum that can also be used on bodily areas, our Transdermal Serums are delivered through a system called Plasmaporation. This works to deliver the serums deep into the dermis of the skin. Here they work to strengthen the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the skin. Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums can also be administered deeper into the sub-dermis into the adipose tissue to dissolve fat on the face, neck and body.

If you’ve got your very own Plasma Pen device, permeating tips and are an approved Plasma Pen technician, you can start offering our brand new Transdermal Serum treatments to your clients today! You can purchase tips and serums from Plasma Pen’s online store.

Plasma Pen’s facial and body serums

Do you have a few clients in mind that you know will love our new Transdermal Serums!? If so, log in to our online store at 9 am 9th November and begin your Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum journey today.

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