We all want to keep our youthful glow for as long as possible. As we age, the dermal layer of our skin thins and less collagen is produced, meaning that the elastin fibres that give our skin it’s bounce and elasticity start to wear out causing our skin to droop, wrinkle, and sag. However, gone are the days of going under the knife, or having costly Botox injections. There’s now a spectacular range of new technologies opening up a whole new world of non-surgical face lifts to achieve brighter, tighter, and more radiant-looking skin.  If you’re looking for the best non-surgical face-lift on the market, look no further than Plasma Pen. 

What is a non-surgical face-lift?

A non-surgical face-lift is exactly what is described; a face lift that does not require undergoing a surgical procedure. There is a new wave of facial treatments that remove our reliance on surgery to look younger, whilst still maintaining fresher, smoother, and more rejuvenated skin. These non-surgical procedures do not require hospitalisation or large incisions, but still deliver the desired result. In fact, these procedures are so straightforward, they can even fit into your lunch break!

What is a facial treatment?

The founders of Plasma Pen, Louise Walsh International, have developed an innovative new facial treatment, suited to treat the face as a whole rather than targeting problem areas. It’s called the Plasma Pen Advanced Rejuvenation Peel. 

The Plasma Pen rejuvenation facial is a fabulous new treatment, perfectly suited to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne treatment, hyperpigmentation correction, age spots, and rosacea, whilst also providing overall skin rejuvenation.  

The Plasma Pen facial treatment is the perfect accompaniment to your daily skincare routine, with almost instant results from day one. Treatments can be repeated every six weeks, keeping your face fresh, tight and lifted.  




<image 1 alt text> Before the Plasma Pen rejuvenation peel facial.

<image 2 alt text> Brighter, lifted and rejuvenated skin with the Plasma Pen facial.

<image 3 alt text> Incredible results with the Plasma Pen facial treatment.


How does this non-surgical face-lift work?

The Plasma Pen facial treatment uses a process called Electroporation. Essentially, an electrical field is applied to the cells within the face to increase the permeability of the cell membrane. This process allows cosmeceutical products, such as hyaluronic acid, to get into the cells.  

The innovative Plasma Pen has two additional features that aid this process. A fractional tip promotes transdermal absorption to nourish the skin with the plasma deposited by the Plasma Pen facial treatment. Then the permeating tip optimises this absorption through electroporation.  

How does the Plasma Pen facial treatment differ from other skin tightening treatments?

  • Our Plasma Pen delivers completely predictable and fully controlled energy to the skin’s architecture, avoiding the thermal injury associated with other laser facial treatments
  • Plasma Pen treatments are completely uniform and do not damage the surrounding tissue, with no thinning of the skin or open wounds 
  • Precision is guaranteed with our exclusive 0.2 mm and 0.4 mm nano-probes, which deliver consistent on-demand plasma
  • Plasma Pen treats both epidermal and dermal layer tissues at the same time for a more natural effect. 

What are the benefits of a Plasma Pen facial treatment?

  • A dramatic reduction of photoaging and superficial wrinkles 
  • The partial-to-complete elimination of medium-depth wrinkles 
  • Spectacular skin tightening, lifting, regeneration, and rejuvenation 
  • Marked improvement and softening of deep wrinkles 
  • Future tissue stability and mitigation of the causes of ageing.

Maintaining a youthful glow with the new Plasma Pen facial treatment

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International offers an innovative alternative to surgery by lifting and tightening the treated area with little to no downtime. You’ve probably heard of the Plasma Pen and the spectacular results reported by thousands of users worldwide. This fibrobasting technique instantly lifts, tightens, and rejuvenates ageing skin. The non-surgical facial-lift, known as a facial treatment, delivered by Plasma Pen, can dramatically repair and reverse the signs of ageing. 

Highly trained, specialist Plasma Pen Technicians operate in over 40 countries across the globe. If you are interested in offering one of the best non-surgical face-lift treatments by the incredible Plasma Pen, please fill out our quick enquiry form. One of our global Plasma Pen team will get back in touch with you to discuss your requirements further.