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PlasmaPen™, innovated by Louise Walsh International, is the world’s most advanced nitrogen plasma device on the market. It can be used for a variety of non-invasive aesthetic treatments all over the body. Our devices have been designed and manufactured with your clients in mind, ensuring a smooth and easily manageable treatment & post-treatment process.

Popular PlasmaPen Treatments

Lower Facelift

Neck Lift

Jaw Augmentation

Plasma Facial

Plasma Spray Facial


​​Post-Treatment Care

It is important to instruct your clients on post-treatment care. We’ve found that the majority of undesirable results occur when post-treatment instructions are not followed properly. Luckily, our post-treatment instructions are straightforward and easy to convey to clients. PlasmaPen™ technicians and trainers are trained to deliver exceptional guidance. Our technicians are up to speed on all the latest best practices regarding Plasma fibroblasting. Download the PDF below to view our general PlasmaPen™ post-treatment care instructions.

Post-Treatment Care Training

Post-treatment instructions and care will be discussed with you during training. Printable post-treatment instructions & informative documents will also be provided by LWI for distribution to your clients. It’s important to follow up with your clients at regular intervals post-treatment to ensure success. Like with any cosmetic device, complications & risk are possible with PlasmaPen™. However, since there is no actual contact being made with the skin, risk is minimal. It’s important to follow the trainings and post-treatment instructions to achieve the expected results with your clients. Our training infrastructure is thorough and led from the font by Louise Walsh. And our devices are frequently praised for delivering compressed downtimes, faster recovery, and superior results with minimal risks.

More on PlasmaPen™ Post-Treatment Care

We strive to ensure that all medical professionals who use PlasmaPen™ are highly trained and skilled at providing treatments. Download our PlasmaPen™ Aftercare PDF to view a printable post-treatment care resource for you or your clients.

Our Top Tips for Post-Treatment Care

Here is a quick list of recommendations, top tips, and best practices to consider in your clients personal plasma post-treatment routine:

  • Over the first few days, plasma crusts will form on the skin. Do not pick these! They will naturally fall off after a few days.
  • Keep the plasma crusts moist by applying our PlasmaPen™ Aloe Vera Gel up to three times a day. This will provide relief from itching and assist the healing process.
  • There may be some mild swelling for up to 5 days post-treatment. This is completely normal and usually very minor.
  • You must not cover the treated area with plasters, dressings, make-up, or creams until the area is healed. Only use the healing creams provided by your technician.
  • Taking Vitamin C supplements during the healing process can give your immune system the big boost it may need to repair.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before your treatment and during the healing process. Try to avoid smoking after the treatment as much as possible.
  • Wear SPF 50+ sunscreen and facial creams every single day before treatment. Also, wear it after the treatment for up to 12 weeks.
  • Avoid exercising within the first few days after a treatment as the heat, steam, or sweat may add to inflammation caused by the treatment.

Upgrade Your Treatment Portfolio With PlasmaPen™

The PlasmaPen™ delivers fibroblast treatments like no other device on the market. Our nitrogen plasma is non-chromophore dependent, which means interactions with skin tissue are not reliant on making contact with the parts of the molecules responsible for color. This ensures that aestheticians can offer non-invasive treatments that do not require a general anesthetic, as required with more traditional surgeries. Give your clients the best treatment possible and order your PlasmaPen™ today.

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