About Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is one of the world’s leading nitrogen plasma devices.

Every year we train hundreds of exceptional professionals to become fibroblast treatment experts. Our Master Trainers deliver incredible training to aestheticians, beauticians and spa or medical professionals all over the world to enable them to add a lucrative new revenue flow to their businesses. 

The low cost per treatment allows for impressive returns on investment, whilst our comprehensive training and commercial support means you can get your business up and running in no time.

Close up of plasma pen during eyelift
Plasma upper face lift treatment with plasma pen

Plasma Pen revolution

Since its launch, Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International has taken the beauty world by storm. Manufactured in Germany and headquartered in the UK, the combination of Louise Walsh’s reputation, media spotlight and experience has firmly established Plasma Pen as the go-to fibroblasting device for technicians worldwide. 

Plasma Pen can now be found in 40 countries and has achieved a global reputation across TV, print and digital media. As the world’s most advanced non-invasive, nitrogen plasma device on the market, Plasma Pen from Louise Walsh International is the brand you can trust.

Who is Louise Walsh?

Louise Walsh has been one of the biggest names in global beauty for three decades. Her reputation as the leading expert in plasma technology and non-invasive procedures has earned her worldwide recognition and acclaim. Louise is a pioneer in her field, leading the business from the front and constantly striving for perfection to deliver the best possible Plasma Pen solution available.

In November 2017, Louise Walsh brought together her international experience in manufacturing, sales and distribution and released to the market her very own – now world-renowned – Plasma Pen through her eponymous Louise Walsh International brand. Plasma Pen is manufactured in Germany, headquartered in the UK and number one worldwide.

Meet the Plasma Pen Team

Meet our Plasma Pen experts! From our innovative founder and CEO, Louise Walsh, right the way through to our Plasma Pen Technicians, we are one big, happy Plasma Pen family here at Louise Walsh International. 

The combined experience of our headquarters team and Plasma Pen Master Trainers, gained through thousands of successful treatments and peerless hands-on learning techniques, have helped set Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International apart from the competition.

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