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For the past 5 years, we’ve been supporting clinic and beauty salon owners like you in generating profitable returns using the Plasma Pen. Giving you a leading edge in your local marketplace to extend your treatments across various skin lift, scar repair, mole removal, and hyperpigmentation corrections – all without surgery. With simple and painless training that’ll help you and other technicians confidently treat your patients with lasting results.

5,000 Clinics

are using the Plasma Pen profitably worldwide.

World Class

Exclusive Plasma Fibroblasting Training.


Plasma Pen Treatments last year alone.

2x Income

Many of our clients double their income.

Looking for Plasma Pen Reviews? See what these clinic and beauty salon owners had to say.

“The PlasmaPens are high quality equipment and the company has an exceptional product line to support healing and optimize client results which is extremely important. Student education and support is above and beyond any other I have experienced in the 19 years I have been in the beauty business.”

Julianne Galla, Practice Manager

“#1 Plasma Pen in the world…I cannot say enough about the quality of education and support that I have received! I received a business in a box! Don’t waste your money on a cheap pen and expensive education; go for quality right off the bat. My business is booming since taking both the Foundation and Advanced course.”

Elizabeth Lystiuk, Practice Manager

“I would highly recommend Louise Walsh Plasma Pen treatments. The professional and knowledgeable trainers are first class. Everything was clearly explained and pain free. I’m delighted with the results and looking forward to my next treatment. It has made a huge difference to my eyes. The home care pack was brilliant too.”

Sally Widiner, Patient

Real results that your clients will love you for – helping you get consistent 5-star reviews

See how this powerful Plasma Pen has helped create long-lasting and instant results for clients – adding healthy month-on-month growth for your business.







Here’s Why 5000+ Clinics Are Switching To Our Plasma Pen Treatments – And Why You Should, Too

Guaranteed Profit In Just 2-8 Weeks

Our partners have made their money back (and then some) in just 2 to 8 treatments after purchasing their Plasma Pen.

Turn One-Time Clients Into Loyal Customers

After just one fibroblast treatment, your clients will instantly notice a more youthful appearance of their skin. The impressive results are sure to keep them coming back.

Non-Invasive Procedures Are Highly Preferred

Our fibroblast plasma pen treatments are gentler and non-invasive compared to older methods such as surgeries which requires more downtime, or solutions that only offers temporary results.

Designed For All Levels of Beauty Professionals For Instant, Visible, and Long Lasting Results

Gentle on all skin types


Instant Skin Lifting

PlasmaPen Classic


Perfect for starters – one level of continuous plasma energy

Skin Rejuvenation

Instant Results

TGA Approved

Two Power Settings

Primary Treatments

Advanced Treatments

PlasmaPen Ultra


Double the results of your service – two levels of continuous plasma energy

Scar Revision

Pigmentation Correction

Skin Tag Removal

Most Advanced PlasmaPen

Five Powerful Intensities

Precise Plasma Delivery

PlasmaPen Platinum


The Ultimate Plasmapen for all treatments – five levels of continuous plasma energy.

Instant Clinical Results

Wide Treatment Options

For Professionals

✓ CE Certified

✓ Finance Options

✓ Trade-in Scheme

Invest in Success: Join the Plasma Pen Revolution Now!









Get Trained By the World’s Leading PlasmaPen Experts – Over 1,250 clinics trained last year.

Louise Walsh

CEO of PlasmaPen

If you want to expand your treatment portfolio but feel like you don’t have a lot of time to adopt a new process – this is the only course you’ll ever need. We’ve helped trained technicians double their income working just a few days a week.

My name is Louise Walsh and I’ve helped over 5,000 hard-working clinics – just like yours – generate sizeable returns by teaching them how to use the Plasma Pen. Below are the exact systems I use that help clinics deliver over 60,000+ treatments every year.

PlasmaPen Foundation Training

The practical element of the Foundation training begins with the initial consulation and client assessment. Then we move onto PlasmaPen skin tightening techniques, and as all of your theory is already covered, it is hands-on with the models for the entire day. Our Foundation training qualifies you to treat upper and lower eyelids, Crows’ feet, brow lift and skin rejuvenation.

– 20 hours of study
– Online training portal
– Learns fibroblasting basics
– Includes skin anatomy
– Includes physiology
– Includes inflammatory response
– Includes skin disorders
– Includes skin pigmentation

This course carries 4 Credits and 40 CPD points. Entry requirements are experience working in aesthetics or a level 2 beauty/aesthetics qualification.

PlasmaPen Advanced Training

In addition you will cover the anatomy and physiology of moles, acne, scars, thread veins, age spots, and other conditions that can be effectively treated with PlasmaPen. Your training day will include a variety of skin types and disorders including age spots, skin tags, moles and scar revision. You will be expertly trained to deliver all of the added value treatments and dramatically supercharge both your treatment offering to your clientele and your customer pricing.

-25 hours of study
-Online training portal
-All topics covered in Foundational
-Includes moles and acne, and skin tags
-Includes skin tags and age spots
-Includes thread veins and scars

This course carries 4 Credits and 40 CPD points. Entry requirements are either our Foundation Training by PlasmaPen or technicians working with another device and wanting to convert to PlasmaPen.

What you’re probably thinking…

What is a Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen is a non-invasive, skin rejuvenating device used to treat a variety of different skin disorders such as wrinkles and lines, stretch marks and acne scars, to name a few.

Do you offer finance?

Yes! We work alongside several providers in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. For more streamlined payment plans, we also offer global support via GoCardless which provides an opportunity to pay via Direct Debit payments (subject to a deposit).

How do Plasma Pens work?

Plasma Pen devices discharge low-frequency plasma energy to small areas of the skin. The process breaks down proteins in the skin, encourages tissue regeneration by stimulating fibroblast activity in the dermis and collagen production resulting in tissue contraction (tightening).

Are Plasma Pens safe?

Plasma Pen treatments are non- invasive with minimal downtime in comparison to surgical, cosmetic procedures. However, not all devices on the market are safe to use as many are simply cheap copies of genuine plasma devices which were intended for spot/mole removal procedures. It’s important to review and understand the difference between genuine and fake devices as the outcome and risks can be catastrophic and lead to skin discoloration, and/or scarring. With Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh is a trusted, you know you are getting a trusted, genuine Plasma device with proven results.

Can I trade in an old pen?

Yes! If you wish to upgrade your current device, we can provide you with the opportunity to trade-in your old device at a discounted price for one of our range of superior devices.

Do you offer training support or training?

We have a dedicated team supporting both new and pre-existing students with the training and ongoing support they require. Each student is also given lifetime access to our online student portal. Visit the academy here to get started.

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