There are a lot of skin clinics out there, so it’s important that yours stands out as being one that offers something different. This is where Plasma Pen comes in. It’s an innovative, state of the art and impressive device that is sure to transform your treatment options. Below, we have listed five of the main reasons to use Plasma Pen in your skin clinic.

Expand Your Services

As a skin clinic, it’s important to offer a wide range of services to your customers, and this means expanding your offerings as much as possible. With Plasma Pen, you can carry out treatments that you weren’t able to provide before. This provides more value to your customers and helps you to stand out from the competition by offering something that a lot of other skin clinics do not. Instead of going to you for one treatment and someone else for another, PlamsaPen helps you to become the ‘go to’ option for everyone.

Great, Long Lasting Results

With PlamsaPen, your customers can enjoy impressive and long lasting results. It’s highly effective and results last longer than other non-surgical procedures, and there are very few side effects to worry about. Whereas a lot of cosmetic treatments have a long recovery time and are somewhat inconvenient to undergo, Plasma Pen couldn’t be easier.

Profit Quickly

Though there is the cost of training and the device itself, you will be quick to profit when you use Plasma Pen in your skin clinic. In fact, you could recoup your training investment in as little as six to eight sessions. To help with the expense even further, we give you the option to spread the cost of your training. Many of our technicians double their income working just a few days a week, simply by adding Plasma Pen treatments into the mix.

Excellent Training

When you choose Plasma Pen, you can relax knowing that you and your customers are in safe hands. Our training is comprehensive, thorough and expertly delivered. You will know all there is to know about using Plasma Pen at your skin clinic, with the option of Foundation Training and Advanced Training available.

Quality Technology

There are a handful of imitation pens on the market, but few come close to what Plasma Pen is capable of. Our device is extremely high quality, guaranteed to be safe and it comes with an unbeatable warranty. Plus, support is always available. You can use Plasma Pen in your skin clinic, knowing that you are using the best of the best.

At Plasma Pen, we are firm believers in the benefits of using this innovative device. Not only is Plasma Pen capable of achieving impressive and long lasting results, but it’s a fantastic investment in terms of profitability. To find out more about using Plasma Pen in your skin clinic, get in touch with our talented team.


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