There is no denying the appeal of PlasmaPen treatment; it’s a quick, simple and innovative way to transform your skin. Whether you are trying to combat the signs of aging or you want to fight sagging skin, PlasmaPen is an effective cosmetic option. To ensure that you get the most out of PlasmaPen, and you achieve your desired results, there are a few things to do beforehand. In this blog, we teach you how to care for your skin before and after PlasmaPen treatment.

Before Treatment

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that they can simply turn up to have PlasmaPen treatment, without having prepared their skin. Though it’s possible, not looking after your skin before PlasmaPen treatment could hinder the results. As PlasmaPen is a unique and innovative treatment, you will want to get as much out of the procedure as possible. One of the key things to do is to cleanse the skin, and to ensure that your skin is as clean as possible beforehand. Skin should be free of dirt, debris and build up.

You should also avoid sun exposure for two weeks, something that you will also need to do after treatment, and stop exfoliating in the weeks before treatment. As PlasmaPen does encourage a very small amount of bleeding on the skin’s surface, you need to discontinue blood thinning medications beforehand.

After Treatment

After you have undergone PlasmaPen treatment, it’s important to look after your skin. Otherwise, you could hinder the results, preventing you from getting as much as possible out of the treatment. It’s important to continue avoiding sun exposure and exfoliation for two weeks, just as you should have done before treatment. You should also avoid irritating the area for two weeks, which includes scratching and picking at the skin. Irritating the treated area could prevent the skin from healing as well as possible.

It’s also recommended that you avoid doing anything that’s going to make you sweat for two days after PlasmaPen treatment. This means anything that causes sweating, such as exercise and letting your body become too warm. If you experience any swelling, which is common during recovery, apply a cold compress to the area.

At PlasmaPen, we pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about PlasmaPen treatment, and this includes what you need to do before and after treatment. Correctly preparing your skin before treatment and looking after it well afterwards can make a big difference, and it’s not something to be underestimated or overlooked. To find out more about preparing for PlasmaPen treatment, get in touch with our knowledgeable team of experts.


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