Having hooded eyes can sometimes make a face seem less lifted, drooping ever so slightly. Because of that, some people choose to have Botox treatments for the area. However, while Botox treatments are a great way to address eye lines and creasing of the skin, some people are not comfortable with the injections. Others don’t want to deal with any potential side effects of Botox treatments.

This is where providing PlasmaPen eye treatments can benefit your services. With a small handheld device, it’d be easy to tone and lift the skin around the eyes, improving one’s overall appearance. Continue reading to understand more about the PlasmaPen eye treatment for hooded eyes:

How a Plasma Eye Treatment Works

With a tiny little device, the PlasmaPen stimulates the creation of collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that provides strength and elasticity to the skin. When skin doesn’t have enough and isn’t as strong, it tends to sag more and develop wrinkles more quickly.

The PlasmaPen helps rejuvenate and restore the skin to its original state so that it’s more firm, less droopy, and with fewer wrinkles. Especially when administered to hooded eyes, the lift can be such a subtle yet great difference.

How a Plasma Eye Treatment Is Safe

People who are concerned about having an under-eye treatment will be happy to hear that this one is very safe. Because the plasma pen isn’t invasive like other procedures, there is little to no risk of a bad reaction.

When you offer plasma pen treatments to your clients, you’re giving them an easy and effective way to look younger and more refreshed. Just be sure to undergo training to know how to carry out the plasma eye treatment without a hitch.

How Plasma Eye Treatment Aftercare Goes

After plasma treatment, the skin is stimulated to rejuvenate itself. This means that the person who underwent the treatment will be prone to increased sun sensitivity. Thus, they should be advised to avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds.

The skin will also look swollen and blotchy during the healing process. To minimise this, it’s suggested to use a hydrating eye cream multiple times a day. This can help to smooth wrinkles and allow the skin to recover.

What Plasma Eye Treatment Results In

One of the great things about offering this treatment is that there’s minimal downtime involved. Unlike Botox and other invasive procedures, the plasma eye treatment can be done on the same day of your client’s appointment, in the same session as other areas are treated.

Plus, the results are very natural. You won’t see anyone looking as if they’ve undergone invasive and risky treatments as appropriate tinted SPF products are applied to cover and protect the wounded area. Regular maintenance is necessary, but your clients can see results very quickly with a plasma eye treatment.

Providing this treatment as part of your repertoire can benefit your aesthetic treatments greatly and expand your services to more clients. It’s a small yet effective way to improve the appearance of your clients, making them happier than before.


Having a Plasma Pen eye treatment for hooded eyes is a great way to help lift the droopy skin and allow your clients to not worry about these features. Improve the appearance of your clients with this easy-to-administer treatment.

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