If you’re actively looking for solutions to your scars or stretch marks, you mostly likely have heard about plasma skin tightening and its incredible effects. Its most popular uses are for wrinkle and fine line reduction as well as non-surgical upper eyelid lifting. 

Here’s what you should know before you commit to plasma fibroblast for stretch marks and scars.

Healing Takes Longer

Compared to other regions of the body, the skin on your face heals pretty quickly. Healthy skin will also heal faster than skin that has been subjected to earlier damage that formed scar tissue. 

This means that when utilising plasma fibroblast for stretch marks and scars, you must be patient and realise that the treatment’s complete benefits will not be noticeable for at least three months, if not more.

The greater the distance between the treated area and the heart, the longer it will take to mend. This prolonged healing time is also evident with various skin injuries and even tattoo removal, with a foot tattoo requiring more treatments than an upper body tattoo.

Following plasma fibroblast treatment, the area will be red and inflamed for longer than the face. The treated area will appear red and angry for at least one week, and possibly longer, depending on your immune system and healing process as well as the treatment’s intensity.

Only Aged Scars and Stretch Marks Can Be Treated

Scars or stretch scars that have faded to a white tone are the best candidates for therapy. If the skin has any redness or purple colour, it is too new for treatment, and you should wait for it to heal spontaneously.

If you treat a still-healing skin, you risk giving too much trauma to the new skin, which could result in further scarring rather than improving the skin’s appearance.

You May Require More Than One Therapy

While most scars and stretchmarks react well to fibroblast plasma treatment, there are few instances when skin needling is recommended first. Some scar tissue has less collagen than others. 

Excess collagen forms a depression or lump on the skin in hypertrophic scarring. In this scenario, treating the collagen problem first is recommended before attempting to resurface the skin with plasma fibroblast.

The Outcome Is Long-Lasting

Any advantages you obtain from this treatment will persist indefinitely. Many experts have treated and tracked this healing process for the sake of science and knowledge exchange. Some of them have also treated childhood injury scars as well as stretch marks from puberty.

Many therapists can acquire an inexpensive plasma pen from online stores because this treatment field is so fresh to the market. 

However, always inquire about your plasma technician’s training and the brands of devices they use. Make sure they are FDA-approved and are willing to show you images of their work.


Remember that plasma treatments are not suitable for all skin types, and they are also not ideal for all scars and stretch marks. 

Also, the importance of aftercare cannot be overstated. Sun protection is required on the treated regions to protect the new skin from harmful UV rays, which might induce hyperpigmentation in certain persons.

If you’re looking for a top-quality fibroblast plasma pen in the UK, PlasmaPen is your best option. We have a worldwide reputation as the leading experts in plasma technology, offering a range of plasma pen devices and training. Visit our shop today!


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