Thinking about adding PlasmaPen treatments to your range of aesthetic services, but not sure what experience you need? PlasmaPen fibroblast treatments are becoming more and more popular across the US as more people turn to soft surgery alternatives to get the youthful-looking skin of their dreams. There’s no better time to take our fibroblast training and join the PlasmaPen family. Read on to find out exactly what experience you need!

What is PlasmaPen?

PlasmaPen is an innovative fibroblasting device. Its unique fractional and permeating tips work to evenly distribute plasma, while its nano-probes deliver concentrated nitrogen plasma gas non-invasively to the epidermal layer of the skin.

The precision plasma arc causes immediate superficial micro-trauma to the upper epidermal layer of the skin. As the skin heals, new, rejuvenated, tight, and smooth skin is created. The result is tighter skin, banished wrinkles, and the end of acne scarring and pigmentation. It can also be used to remove unsightly moles and lesions.

Why should you complete your fibroblast training with us?

There are tons of plasma device providers out there, so why choose us? We believe our sleek, German-made device speaks for itself. We are also extremely proud of our market-leading PlasmaPen fibroblast training, which gets technicians prepped to deliver these incredible treatments.

When you purchase a PlasmaPen Classic, Ultra, or Platinum device, we don’t just simply hand you our innovative plasma device. Our world-class training, which comes with the purchase of every pen, delivers continued support from our Master Trainers. It also provides a wealth of marketing materials and treatment factsheets that can be used at your clinic or studio.

We offer two types of PlasmaPen fibroblast training – Elite and Advanced. Both training courses will get you ready to confidently deliver incredible skin-rejuvenation techniques to eradicate the signs of aging and wrinkles.

What experience do you need to work with PlasmaPen?

As the market leader in the Plasma fibroblast industry, we have our own minimum standards that we require for you to be able to book onto one of our training courses. You’ll find that many insurers have specific standards they require and expect practitioners to have vocational training in cosmetology. However, this does vary by state.

The best thing you can do if you are unsure about whether you have the capability, existing background, or qualifications required to train in PlasmaPen techniques is to just reach out to us. If it turns out that you’re not quite ready then no problem – we will work with you to help you get ready.

PlasmaPen fibroblast training

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a PlasmaPen fibroblast technician? Sign up for our world-class training today and get your hands on our revolutionary device. Boost the number of clients coming to your spa or salon and watch your income grow. Get in touch with our customer success team today to book your place on the very next PlasmaPen training course!


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