If you’re thinking of becoming a PlasmaPen technician, you might be wondering about the markup you can make from offering PlasmaPen treatments. After you’ve invested wisely in your PlasmaPen training and device, you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

How much can you charge as a PlasmaPen technician?

The price of a PlasmaPen can range between £3,250 to £6,500. You’ll be happy to hear that as a fully qualified PlasmaPen technician you can charge anywhere between £200 to £2,500 per treatment. Typically, the highest-earning PlasmaPen treatment is the full facelift. With an average treatment cost of £500, you can make a fantastic return on investment. So much so that we guarantee you’ll recoup your PlasmaPen training course and device cost before you know it.

Typical prices for PlasmaPen treatments

Below we have outlined the typical treatment costs. However, discounts should be given if clients carry out block bookings. As PlasmaPen is such a versatile device, you can offer many treatment options. This gives you extra earning potential compared to only offering one treatment for a single facial area.

  • Crows feet treatment – £300 to £500.
  • Cheek lift – £450 to £600.
  • Breast lift/décolleté – £600 to £1,250.

PlasmaPen training course, pen price, and return on investment

Once you have purchased your PlasmaPen, all aestheticians need to take the PlasmaPen course to become fully qualified. We have one of the best aesthetics training academies in the industry.

Whether you would like to complete our Elite technician training course or advanced technician course will determine the type, and consequently price, of the PlasmaPen you purchase.

Upon completion of your chosen course, we guarantee you will feel 100% confident to deliver your new PlasmaPen treatments and start earning an accelerated return on investment. With the option to purchase your PlasmaPen with or without training depending on your previous experience, our devices are available at fantastic prices. You will soon be creating exceptional results for your clients.

Furthermore, with PlasmaPen payment options available, you can keep control of your cash flow and spread the cost of your training and device over a longer period of time.

The exceptional earning potential with PlasmaPen

We have only scratched the surface of your earning potential as a PlasmaPen technician. A large number of qualified PlasmaPen technicians earn up to six figures a year through their Plasma treatments alone!

If you want to further enquire about the PlasmaPen return on investment opportunities, get in touch today! The team is always on hand to answer any of your queries.

Start your PlasmaPen journey by purchasing your PlasmaPen device and course from our website today!


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