Loose skin around the jaw is a problem for many. As we all want a chiseled, well-defined jawline, jaw augmentation by PlasmaPen can help you achieve the look you have been desiring, for years. Jaw augmentation works by contouring the chin, neck, and jaw area to make your face proportionate. Read on to find out how PlasmaPen’s non-surgical chin augmentation treatment works!

Jaw augmentation by PlasmaPen

If your jawline is a key problem area, here at PlasmaPen our non-surgical chin augmentation will bring your skin a new lease of life, working to reduce laxity and sculpt the jawline.

Our chin and jaw augmentation works by gently spraying plasma gas over the jaw area in order to tighten the skin. Post PlasmaPen jaw augmentation, your skin will resurface itself and carbon crusts will form. As a result of the healing process, types 1 and 3 collagen are produced, creating that sculpted jawline you’ve always desired.

How does our jaw augmentation work?

The jaw augmentation process from PlasmaPen roughly takes 12 weeks for the skin to recover and start producing collagen to lift the skin. Between 7-12 days post-treatment, the carbon crusts will start to flake away and this is when you’ll start to be able to see the incredible results of your well-defined jaw area.

Jaw augmentation results can be seen for up to 3 years, however, keeping a close eye on your health and lifestyle choices will impact how long your results can last.

At PlasmaPen, our Jaw augmentation treatment involves:

  • PlasmaPen technician initial consultation involving information on prepping the skin
  • Topical anaesthetic application to jawline area
  • PlasmaPen device used to administer plasma gas to the jawline
  • Post-treatment carbon crusts are formed and the skin begins to lift and rejuvenate
  • Aftercare advice is provided

Throughout your PlasmaPen chin and jaw augmentation, a topical anesthetic will be applied to ensure your PlasmaPen treatment is painless and you feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

Who is chin and jaw augmentation suitable for?

PlasmaPen jaw augmentation can be performed on any individual for a brighter, smoother jawline. At your initial consultation, your PlasmaPen technician will talk you through your desired results and suggest a jaw augmentation treatment plan to ensure you receive optimum results. As generally jaw augmentation can require a follow-up PlasmaPen treatment(s), we will work alongside you to help you achieve the sculpted jaw that you’ve been looking for.

Non-surgical jaw augmentation from PlasmaPen

AAs an alternative to invasive chin implant surgery (genioplasty), PlasmaPen can deliver exceptional jaw augmentation results, without the need for painful, invasive procedures.

Why not find out more about jaw augmentation from PlasmaPen today! If you’re interested in finding out more, we’re always happy to help, simply contact us.


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