The average aesthetician in the UK has an income of approximately £25,000.  Beauticians earn approximately £30,000; whilst dentists and cosmetic surgeons can earn somewhere between £90,000 and £200,000 depending on their specialist services.  With different levels of training, device, and treatment specialisms depending on your previous experience; PlasmaPen can seriously supercharge your earning potential! 

PlasmaPen – Return on Investment

We have created a Return on Investment calculator to help you easily calculate your earnings potential, and how quickly you will recover your investment by adding PlasmaPen treatments to your portfolio.  Estimate how much profit you are likely to earn by administering PlasmaPen treatments.  A large number of our technicians earn up to 6 figures per year through their PlasmaPen treatments! 

How much can I charge per PlasmaPen treatment?

The huge range of treatments that can be delivered with the PlasmaPen device, earning anywhere between £200 and £2,500 depending on the treatment being delivered. 

How much can I earn by adding PlasmaPen treatments to my portfolio?

By adding PlasmaPen treatments to your treatment portfolio; most PlasmaPen technicians are able to see an earning increase of at least £500 per week!

How PlasmaPen can help

Here at PlasmaPen, we are proud of our team of expert PlasmaPen technicians.  We work hard to ensure that you can achieve a rapid Return on Investment and support you every step of the way to reaching your goals. Speak to our expert team to find out more about the PlasmaPen device and training, and how we can help you to increase your earning potential.

Why PlasmaPen is the perfect addition to your treatment portfolio

  • PlasmaPen is the go-to treatment device for all non-surgical treatments 
  • As brand awareness grows globally; the demand for PlasmaPen treatments continues to grow year-on-year
  • PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International is a premium plasma device manufacturer; that delivers premium treatments and aftercare
  • Our competitively priced and affordable product is available with friendly finance options and low insurance costs to help you launch your business
  • By purchasing the PlasmaPen device and training, you will gain access to our global community of expert technicians to share tips and best practice 
  • Our range of high-quality, professional consumables are available at affordable prices

Speak to the expert team at PlasmaPen to find out more about our range of treatments, and how much you can earn by adding PlasmaPen treatments to your treatment portfolio.


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