When it comes to non-surgical face contouring, a popular method is dermal fillers, used to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles or to improve the overall construction of the face. Here at PlasmaPen, our non-injectable, revolutionary non-surgical face contouring device helps to define cheekbones and help to achieve your facial ideal. 

What is non-surgical face contouring?

You might be familiar with ‘nose job’, ‘jaw augmentation’, or other surgical face contouring treatments. However, there’s been a recent trend towards non-surgical face contouring treatments to achieve your desired chiseled look or to improve the symmetry of your overall face and balance facial proportions. 

The opposite to non-surgical face contouring is a surgical face contouring procedure that comes with stitches, long periods of time in hospital, severe pain, and social downtimes. As the non-surgical option typically results in little to no recovery time and sees near enough immediate results, non-surgical face contouring can help treat all problem areas. 

PlasmaPen’s non-surgical face contouring procedure

Here at PlasmaPen, our fibroblasting device can effectively contour the face and deliver your required results. Here are our exceptional non-surgical face contouring results: 

Lower facial non-surgical face contouring

As we age, fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet can all be key problem areas for many of us since when we age, the skin loses volume and the face begins to sag. This is where facial contouring treatments can help to bring back the skin’s elasticity levels. 

Here, the client had lower facial non-surgical face contouring treatment with PlasmaPen, visibly tightening the client’s skin and contouring her jawline. 

Full face non-surgical face contouring

No matter your age, here at PlasmaPen, our non-surgical face contouring treatment works by delivering nitrogen plasma energy to the epidermal layer of the skin, heating and disrupting the skin to improve collagen production and tighten the skin, therefore creating the desired contoured look.

PlasmaPen’s non-surgical face contouring

Here at PlasmaPen, our non-surgical facial contouring treatment will deliver your desired contoured look in as little as 12 weeks and can last for up to 3 years. As a German engineered device, PlasmaPen’s continuous AC power has many failsafes so if the device gets into too close contact with the skin or too far away, the nitrogen plasma collapses. 

Why not check out further non-surgical face contouring results and find out how our no.1 world-leading fibroblasting device can help contour clients’ faces to your desired look.


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